Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chandelier make over

So for weeks I have been searching for the right chandelier to make over my laundry room. After scouring several local shops I was feeling defeated and I did not want to pay the prices I was seeing. With a quick trip to IKEA I found something that I thought just might work. It was only $39.00 so the price was definitely right! I was excited to get it home and get started with the transformation. Here is what it looked like before I got a hold of it.
The hardest part of the project was removing the crystals. I took pictures to remember where they needed to be put back. I used small jewelry pliers to try to keep the small rings in tact. To achieve the antique white look I wanted, I used Kilz spray paint. 

It took a few coats because I got a little close and had to sand down the bubbles. It was also hard to get in the small spaces so I had to spray it in shifts and let each side dry.

 The final piece- Trust me it looks much better in person.

I love my new light and I couldn't have beaten the price. My only complaint is it isn't as bright as I might like it but once we install wainscoting around the room, I think it will brighten up the area more. I hope you found some inspiration in my small transformation. :)