Sunday, September 6, 2015

Everything WAS Awesome!

In an effort to catch up on my blog posting, I want to share with you Camden's 5th birthday which of course after watching The Lego Movie we had to have a Lego party. Party planning is probably one of my favorite things to do so I like to go all out. I don't do it for a show but because it is something that I hope my kids will remember when they are older, it's fun and I love crafting.

Party decor was a no-brainer, I needed lots of legos so how else do you create large legos but with recycled boxes. I started by collecting the kiwi-crate boxes that we had gotten over the past year and then asked my colleagues at work to save their Friday lunch boxes from Subway. The results were perfect for creating decor. I used my circle hole punch to create the top of the lego bricks.

 Banner created from an online download here.
 Gift bags were purchased from The Dollar Store and I drew the lego faces on them. Inside were the t-shirts I made from another mom. The patterns can be found here at
My mom's famous sugar cookies were created with Lego cookie cutter purchased on Etsy.

 Camden's lego cake with Oreos was inspired from a blog post here

 When you have two boys there are lots of blocks around the house to create 
added decorations and games. 

Kid activities- pin the head on the lego guy, breaking a pinata, create your own mini-figure and lego mask, and as always the bounce house.

 Pinata created from a diaper box, tin cans, crepe paper, tissue paper and cardstock. 

Adorable photos by Kelly Ring Photography
Birthday shirt by Sunfire Creative

Next month, it is already time for another party. Stay tuned for some Paw Patrol fun for Carson's 2nd birthday.

Michelle :)