Monday, August 13, 2012

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift

A few years ago when all of my friends started moving from couple status to families, I was attending an obscene amount of baby showers. Don't get me wrong I love a good baby shower, especially after having my own, but I could never find the right gift. One night while doing some online shopping, I came across a website where someone had created what I like to call
"The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift." It was a paint can decorated with scrapbook paper and ribbon and then filled with all kinds of goodies. I quickly jotted down the things I wanted to include in mine and headed out shopping. I first went to Home Depot to pick up a paint can and opener ($7.00) then headed to Michaels to gather the outside coverings. While there, I picked up a spiral journal in the dollar section, a little jewelry box, scrapbook paper, and tons of ribbon. I used the ribbon to decorate the handle and to cover where I overlapped the paper. The box I thought could be used to keep small items in such as first tooth, lock of hair, etc. On the outside of the can I decorate with nursery colors or gender specific papers. Sometimes I like to include the name if I know it and on the back is where I put the poem. 

On the inside of the lid, I created a place where the birth details could be written down if they were not known at the time of the shower/gift giving. I also made tags for each of the items I purchased. (First toy, first bath, first food, etc.) You can personalize based on what the person receiving the gift likes. The first one I made was for my Vice Principal and at the shower there were many "ooh's and ahh's," I knew I had found my new go-to gift. I wish I could give credit to the person who created the adorable poem that goes with it but unfortunately there was never a name given.

Here is what the poem says on the back:

Baby books are great ideas,
But sometimes life gets busy.
Living with a little one
can put you in a tizzy.
Milestones pass too fast at times,
to find the proper page.
So, jot a note of each event,
with date and baby’s age.
“Took 3 steps on May 5th”
Or “teething on 5th of December.”
Then drop it in this memory can
to help you to remember.

Some other shower cans:

Several baby showers later, I have been commissioned to make many other cans. Some of the events I have created cans for are: birthdays, graduations, weddings, honeymoons, and special events, just to name a few. (See attached pictures)

Now as most of my friends are moving on to baby number two, I am off to create more works of art. If you are interested in specifics or would like to have one created for your event, feel free to contact me. I hope to post more pictures soon.

Michelle :)


  1. How Cute are these! Totally Clever Michelle.. great job! I Love them!

  2. Very very cute! Seem like you can do so much!

    New follower!

  3. Ok anonymous is Amanda I guess since I don't have an account it comes up that way!

  4. Ok now my comment got our monkey can above you did for Lucas we still use it!

  5. Great job on the cans, I too love Pinterest. Keep up the great work.
    Jeanne P.