Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day handouts

This year I had prepared well in advance for my class valentines. I had the perfect idea...well until I lost part of my idea in a pile of mail. I still think they turned out cute but I know they could've been so much more. Ha!!! What is missing are the cute inch worms that I purchased to go on the pencils. Oh well....I don't think the kids will know what they are missing.

I purchased rulers, eraser grippers, and pencils all from the dollar store.
The rulers came in a 3 pack for $1.00 so I was able to keep the cost down.
10 eraser grips for $1.00
I purchased the pencils at Wal-Mart 12 for $0.97
I created a sheet of tags in Microsoft Word. I was able to fit 6 on a sheet. The clip art I used is from where I have a lifetime membership.
Here is the final product. They were a big hit today!! 
What fun valentine crafts did you make at your house this year?

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