Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Penn State Wreath

I've recently been inspired to create art for the front door of our new house. What can say more about a person's home than how they care for their yard? I think it is how they decorate their door/front porch, but thanks to my wonderful husband, the yard looks great too! I have been busy creating things for Halloween but I wanted to create a wreath for football season. I saw a great one that had a large football on it but I wanted to use things I already had around the house.

One of my favorite places to visit is the ribbon outlet in Hagerstown. I like to refer to it as "ribbon heaven." I could spend hours in there searching for ribbon that I don't even have a current use for at the moment. If you live in the DC metro area and are a crafter you must check it out, Berwick Ribbon Outlet.  Anyway, last summer I spent many hours looking through the ribbon bins to find ribbon. I had purchased this ribbon very cheap. Of course I told my husband I had plans for the ribbon when I bought it. :)

Some of my inspiration ribbon for this project had a paw print pattern and the other was blue and white polka-dot. They were just screaming to be made into something Penn State. The spools that you can purchase at the ribbon outlet are much larger and more economical than what you get at the local craft store. I think I paid $3.00 for the paw print and $10.00 for the polka dot. This is what I still have left after the wreath and a few other projects.

I used a hay wreath because I wanted the wreath to have some depth. I left the plastic on so that there would not be hay all over the floor. I also had created a balloon wreath for my son's birthday with the same material and I liked how it turned out. I took the ribbon and wrapped it around and I was able to use push pins to hold the last piece. Then I created a large bow from some ribbon that had wire in it. Finally, I stole (I mean borrowed) my son Camden's mini football that he had in his room.

I am so happy with the final product. I have a feeling that I might need that left over ribbon to make a few more of these after our friends and family see how cute it turned out. We might need a few more mini footballs though.

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