Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Patriotic Mantle

So my goal when we moved into our house was to create amazing mantles for each season. I was pretty impressed with the stuff I found to put this one together. However, when friends come over and do not comment on my creation, I start to wonder "Am I the only one who thinks this looks good?" So this month I am asking for your help. Too much? Not enough?

Here are a few photos.....

 Aren't these little ants the cutest?
 Who doesn't love a wooden Uncle Sam?
 Purchased this neat window at the Lucketts antique store in Lucketts, VA.
 Found this old Boyd's Bear in a box downstairs. The beans in the jar I saw on Pinterest and thought it was such a cute idea. Hopefully they will keep from year to year. I definitely don't plan on making bean soup with them.

I wish I could get a better picture but the glass had a horrible reflection on it so I had to close the blinds and back up.

Now that you have seen the whole picture....what are your thoughts?

Michelle :)

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