Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Present that Keeps Giving

With such a large family it is always hard when people ask, "What does Camden want for his birthday?" This year I went looking for alternatives to toys and found a great solution, Kiwi Crate.

Kiwi Crate is a great gift for families and kids who like to do craft project. The best part is all the prep work is done for you. There is no running to the craft store to purchase all the materials, it comes right to the door all ready to go. Directions for each project are colorful and easy to follow.

We have received two months of projects now and could not be happier. Besides the great projects, Camden is super excited that they come in a green box with his name on it.

Last month, we were able to work together to create two amazing projects, a nest with two eggs and a bird mask and wings. This month we created a lantern and outdoor explorer kit.

Below are some pictures of Camden creating his masterpieces. I suggest you check out their website as I'm sure you know a little person who would love this concept as much as my child.

 Yes, that is glue. Thank goodness the bowl kept it from going all over the place.
 This month we couldn't get out of our jammies before starting.

We are anxiously awaiting our next green box on the 15th.
Michelle :)


  1. I wish this was around when my boys were little. This looks great!!

  2. I was looking into getting this for Wynn. Glad to see that Camden loves it.